Midnight Revelation

by Ryan Hillier

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Ryan Hillier is a wishful thinker. A hopeful romantic. His songs reach out in many directions - from country folk tunes about wartime love, to ethereal examinations of consciousness and the fleeting nature of life. He lives in a big old house in Moncton, where he recorded this collection of work. He is in a couple of bands, likes to support fellow artists, and makes a really good grilled cheese sandwich. You can email him at ryanghillier@gmail.com.

Recorded at 100 Alma in Moncton, NB, Canada.

1972 Yamaha FG-170
1960ish Mansfield Les Paul
M-Audio Fast Track C400

Dedicated to Nicolas Gormley, Walter Grant, Jay Smith and Joe Durand.



released October 11, 2013

ryan hillier - vocals, guitars, production



all rights reserved


Ryan Hillier Moncton, New Brunswick


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Track Name: Man About Town
Once I had a lust for life that could never be controlled
A passion for the madness that never would get old
Carousin' round all over town with a beauty by my side
But now that girl is gone away and I am left to cry

Now I walk alone, forever wandering 'round
No one to call my own, a lonely man about town

Once I was a poet, yes I had a way with words
But I don't write any more, and I know it sounds absurd
I have no inspiration, no thoughts cross my mind
My notebook is full of my lovers' name, written a million times

Now I walk alone, forever wandering 'round
No one to call my own, a lonely man about town

Yesterday down by the river, saw my girl, tall and fair
She was with another man who was playing with her hair
Upon her hand there brightly shone a diamond wedding ring
And as I turned to walk away all I could do was sing

I'll always walk along, forever wandering 'round
No one to call my own a lonely man about town
Track Name: In This Life
If I didn't know, I'd say you were the one
I've been waiting for that light inside your window to come on
And walking the floor and wondering some more

If you were wild, and if I was free
It's like holding onto water, but the water's holding me
And I'm drowning in the sound of all the things I cannot see

If you were a song, I would sing you always
Note for note, rehearsing verses until the end of my days
Your soul would never leave me to my sorrowful ways again

A man can be a mountain you know
Sometimes a man will fall and drift away
He must know it's on his face
It matters not that he is gone but what rises in his place

In this life, you can build it up
Or tear it down, until it turns to dust

Am I the same as you remember me?
When you fall asleep out there, is my life what you dream
Or are you just moving through those pastures of green?

Drop on by after closing
Stick around til dawn
We'll sing all of our new song
And rock on, Rock Ranger, rock on.
Track Name: Midnight Revelation
In the soft night air, the shine follows us around
Flickering light, as cars pass by
It's a perfect fit
With nothing written on it
We'll use our hands
Make our mark there

Like a leaf in a breeze
Or a ship at sea
If I knew I could tell you
That I ain't gonna leave
Out all night, seeing the sights
Midnight revelation gonna make it all right again

When I've had enough
She calls me up
The sleepless ghost

"You're missing out
Without a doubt
Disappearing before your eyes."
It's no surprise

That I'm inclined to come on by
Your logic stands to reason but I don't know why
(Love is strange)
The city's got my heart
And it's a test
Midnight revelation gonna keep it in check
Track Name: Once In A While
When you're in my head, I can't get you out
And I can't get high, not any more
I wake up too late, leave too early
Hit the streets
And people don't know what to think

A rose-coloured view doesn't help me find my way.
And all these trees and streetlights are blending.
A stone's throw from a fall if I wanted to call you out on all the advantage of living without mercy.

You escaped from a ghost town only to find yourself in the hospital
Treated with careless medication
Seems like we fared better just trying out the impossible
And all creation will be our unmaking

As I go down in history - this wide-open mystery - take a page from my book and float it down the river.
The steel rolls by - one for the ages - hope and gravity cling to the edge as the air flows out of me.
Watches turn
Time goes on
But I wonder, I wonder, just for how long
Many years of nine to five

You walk with Jesus. Or walk alone.
If you hang up on me, do it softly on the microphone.

Because I wandered a ghost town while you were down in the hospital.
In suspended animation.
Once in a while, I get the feeling that we're unstoppable, and everything is right until we roll into the station.
Track Name: Homecoming Blues
Well you know, there is an old saying
That "You can't go home again."
People change and things get strange
When you're up around the bend

The post office is a parking lot
The Eaton's is long gone
And everybody moved to Toronto
or Montreal. Or Hong Kong

Through the years you wear a smile
Fight those fires with ease
Steady hands and feet so sure
Saying "Deliver unto me

A future that is mine to have
A love that will endure
Safety, solace and my sanity
Stars to guide my course."

And as you go down that road
Your soul can rest assured
A day will come when will appear
An end to Suffering and War.